Election to participate with Cigna

I’ve had some questions from providers asking if they need to send back the “election to participate with Cigna” form that providers received in their in-box on ashlink.  I will say that in order to continue seeing ANY Cigna patients as a participating provider, you must sign and return that form.  Much like an Aetna plan where you are participating because of your affiliation with ASH, the same is true with Cigna.  Many times payment of Aetna PPO’s is very good and the same would continue to be true for Cigna.  Again, you don’t really have an option if you want to be in-network with Cigna, you must sign and send that form back in.

Also, if you’ve read my previous discussion on the Cigna-ASH debacle, I have to wonder if the signing of this form arose out of that issue; to re-establish themselves as the contractor for Cigna.  I’m actually glad to see this since it removes any doubt about who handles Cigna’s contracting.

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