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  1. Tracy Ye says:

    A question about Medicare and Secondary Insurance.
    Hello Tiffany,
    In your book page 150, about how to deal with Medicare and related secondary insurance, you mentioned “a copy from Medicare’s provider manual the statement that acupuncture is not a covered benefit under Medicare. See our website for a copy of this page that you can print out and send with your claims”
    But I browsed through whole your website and couldn’t find such a copy. Could you let me know where I can find it?
    I just have a patient almost 80 years old. He has secondary heath care policy and it is NOT supplemental one for medicare. It is a commercial one and cover acupuncture!!
    So I am going to try to bill the secondary insurance company with the “Easy Way” as you mentioned in your book!

    By they way, really want to thank you and your book together with this website. Year ago, I am so chicken and frustrated about acupuncture insurance billing, but year later now, with your help (including those nice explanation and answer through website)I am fall into love with insurance companies. XOXOXOXO. And my business double than last year.

    I recommend the book to my peers, office managers in other acupuncture clinics, and also my students in TCM school. I told them the book is a “must-have-weapon” to grow your business and remove the headache in insurance billing.

    Thank you again,



  2. Daphne says:

    I’ve just learned that ASHN has 2 different Fee Schedules (B and H). They both list the same exact information as far as codes, description, and typical time. The explanation at the bottom of each Fee Schedule is also identical. However, the price is significantly different (Schedule B quotes $65.00 for a 99205, but Schedule H quotes $224.52).

    I’m trying to find out how it’s determined which schedule is used to process the claims. Any insight or advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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