Medical Provider Networks (MPNs)

While not in every state, Medical Provider Networks, or MPNs, are the umbrella group that you must belong to, to access the insurance company beneath it. For example, you must belong to the Medrisk MPN in order to treat patients with the following insurances: Liberty Mutual, Sedgwick, etc. In the case of Medrisk, you actually bill them directly. You would need to contact each MPN to determine claims submission and who handles authorizations, etc.

An MPN or Medical Provider Network is the network you must belong to in order to accept a worker’s compensation case. There are many MPN’s in California; they are all listed on the California Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) site ( There are a lot of overlaps between certain MPNs and different insurance companies. We are actively working on compiling a contact list for the common MPNs. You would need to contact the MPN you are interested in joining and seeing if you can join. Sometimes they close the MPNs, citing that there are enough providers in your area already, but you have to try and some do still accept new applications.

Insurance Company(ies) Contact Information
  • Sedgwick
  • Concentra
  • Coventry
  • Intracorp
  • SRS
  • ACE
  • Gallagher/Bassett
Sedgwick to nominate yourself as a provider then they will contact you **Uses Anthem and First Health Networks**
Broadspire Broadspire to search for providers. General information: 800-241-2541
Corvel Corvel to nominate a provider then they will contact you
First Health & First Health Select First Health to nominate a providerFor information: 800-937-6824 option #3 
Liberty Mutual Liberty Mutual to see providers. For information: 1-800-331-1133
Safeco Safeco to search for providers and nominate 
Kaiser Kaiser as an Anthem provider, you should be listed.  If not, call: 714-935-3041 
State Fund  State Fund*Not many openings, e-mail to nominate a provider. Information: (866) 436-0204
ESIS  ESIS to search for a provider, uses Coventry network
Lowe’s  Uses SRS/Sedgwick network through First Health & Anthem (see above)
Macy’s  Uses SRS/Sedgwick network through First Health & Anthem (see above)
Zenith Zenith use this site to see if you are on the list. For information on becoming a provider, call: 800-440-5020, option 3.  Email:

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