Tools for Accepting Insurance

The following is a list of things we think are necessary for accepting insurance. Please click on the links below as they help keep this website afloat :). Yes, we make a few pennies on these purchases, but we would never recommend something we don’t use or want to use…

Our Book

Of course, if you are billing insurance and you are an acupuncturist you simply MUST get our book. It isn’t outrageously priced and it is a wealth of information. You can get it here:
Playing the Game: A Step-by-Step Approach to Accepting Insurance as an Acupuncturist

And while we are talking about books, let’s not forget Dr. Greg’s pharmacology and drug-herb interaction book. This tome is specially geared to acupuncturists and herbalists and what they need to know about drugs. It’s big, heavy, and a little costy, but it is the only pharm book you will need: Integrated Pharmacology: Combining Modern Pharmacology with Chinese Medicine

For Almost Everything

We love Amazon. And you can get almost anything there. Please support us by clicking on the link below before shopping at Amazon. We get a few pennies and everything penny helps us to keep this website going. Thanks!

Coding Book

Every insurance biller needs coding books. There are two types of coding systems we need to be aware of: International Classification of Disease (ICD) and Current Procedural Terminology. ICD code books are going to be mandatory for anyone accepting insurance. We recommend that you get a larger one that has thorough descriptions of each code. Sometimes the title of a code does not reflect the reality of the code, so a book with nice descriptions can really prevent one from getting in trouble. We recommend:
2012 ICD-9-CM, for Physicians Volumes 1 and 2 Professional Edition (Softbound) (AMA ICD-9-CM for Physicians (Professional Compact))

While most insurance billers will need a CPT code reference book, if you are an acupuncturist, our book contains all the relevant CPT codes. If, however, you would like a full CPT code book, we recommend:
CPT 2012 (Cpt / Current Procedural Terminology (Professional Edition))

Backing Up

Many professions and activities have three rules, like the First Three Rules for Real Estate: Location, Location, Location. The first three rules for computing are: Back Up, Back Up, Back Up. And when we say back up, we mean offsite back up. It is not acceptable to have a external hard drive or an onsite server, you must back up offsite in case of fire, flood, theft, etc… And taking home your external hard drive does not count; it can be stolen or destroyed in an accident. When deciding on an online back up service, you should keep in mind two important things. Are they HIPAA compliant and will they be around tomorrow? Mozy maintains HIPAA compliance and is one of the financially strongest online back up services. And most head-to-head reviews of back up services either rate them the best or near the best. And their pricing is quite reasonable. We don’t think you can go wrong with them.
2GB Totally Free Online Backup! Compliments of Mozy


Every business needs to have stuff printed. One of the authors as used many times with absolutely excellent results at some of the lowest prices around. They cannot be recommended more highly.

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