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I had a nice little email exchange with one of our readers and she graciously allowed me to reprint it here (I have done a few edits):

Do you offer private consultation? How do I find out more? Graduating from SWAC in July… business planning now. here is one of my questions, that I plan to post on forum once I get my password.

thanks, Lori

QUESTION: Have you ever seen a coding system like this before… is it really recognized, is it LEGAL?

I have read much on your web site about billing & coding and plan to purchase one of the recommended books.

However, I purchased  a book called “The CAM and Nursing Coding Manual”, which talks about another type of coding

for complementary and alternative medicine [CAM]. All types of practitioners are indicated to be able to bill insurances using this coding system:

e.g. a naturopathic doctor billing for clinical service of  prescribing a homeopathic remedy “ignatia amara for insomnia would look like this:

760.52 [DX code for sleep disturbance, other insomnia]

ADZAD/!E [for naturopathic service- prescribing homeopathic]

HAIAD [code for ignatia amara

the modifier for Naturopathic Doctor is 1E.

the modifier for Doctor of Oriental medicine is 1C, there are codes for all the different things that DOMs do and prescribe]

Hi Lori

Congratulations on the impending graduation…that is such an accomplishment.

This is an example of the ABC coding schema, that was trying to get off the ground, but never did. I think you were reading from an older book. I remember reading that this was going to be accepted universally several years ago. It is not currently accepted anywhere that I know of. So please do not spend any time with it…

I do do consultations. My rate is relatively high, unfortunately. My first suggestion would be to take my Marketing Plans 101 course at Blue Poppy. And my second one, and ultimately the most important one, is to write the business plan.

Hope this helps…


Thanks, You are right… ABC coding. Thanks for the heads up, I got my money back back. Thanks for the website. It has been very helpful and I have passed it on to classmates.




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